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SEO Techniques : Article Submission by Mitul Palan

SEO Techniques: Article Submission When we talk about off page optimization in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Here the one point comes in our mind, i.e. Article Submission. Article submission can be one of the most successful in terms of getting traffic to the website. Article, we can write for website as well as blog. It refers to writing article which relates to your online business and getting them added to article submission directories. If you could see, on web there are several website, where we can submit the articles with proper title and into suitable category. The main purpose of submitting an article is to attract more people( and the link) to your website without any incurring a great loss. It is obviously, the article you are submitting should be related to your business. Unauthorized articles will not be good for SEO and it won’t drive traffic to your website or blog. If we talk about the benefits, there are various benefits for article submission including

What is media buying and how it works ?

What is Media Buying ? What is media buying and how it works First step comes into our mind is what is media buying and how we do it. Define In the purpose of advertising, we buy the space on Internet from the company operating media properties is called media buying. When it comes to price, people think of it what will be the cost of Media Buying. Cost is actually depending on how much space, you want for particular advertising, time on which your ads are to be displayed. Geo and other specific feature involve in it. Media buyers are individuals who buy the space and time zone. He will be responsible for his ads are to displayed on the right place on right time. In easy words, we can define media buying like someone has placed the creative on our website, Networks of the websites. The advertisers work for to drive traffic and brand awareness of your product and services. Media Buy Types Direct Site Buy: This is when the single site is bought for advertising. Ne

Benefits of Youtube Marketing By Mitul Palan

What is Youtube Marketing ? As we know that instead of reading content, people like to watch the video. Video marketing is best way to increase the brand awareness and revenue. We know that Youtube is booming now, Everyone is uploading videos on Youtube to get the viewers and traffic to website, if they have website. Youtube has massive traffic and viewers, with over 1,325,000,000 people using Youtube. If you calculate, In one minute almost 500 hours of video is uploaded. If I had compile you in the list of Social media, and I will ask you, which social media would be rank 1. Your answer would be Facebook. As we know that Facebook is being used for business to get the revenue. Best Strategies for Youtube Marketing Keep Your Video Short People generally have less span of time to watch the videos. If you are making the video, keep in mind your video should be short and sweet. That means that will tell each and everything in short. If you are promoting your company, make

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing - By MITUL PALAN

Blogger - MITUL PALAN Affiliate Marketing In todays era, Everyone wants to earn money online by spending sometimes in Internet. Affiliate Marketing is the one, where people can earn money without spending money. Many bloggers earn money by doing affiliate marketing. Today, I am will tell you, what is Affiliate marketing and it’s Benefits. What is Affiliate Marketing ? Affiliate marketing is the oldest form of marketing wherein you refer someone to buy online product and when the person buys the products, which you had recommended then you receive the commission based of products. The most common question, I hear that is how company track the data of his product. That means about the traffic and making sales. The simple answer is that they provide the affiliate link, and they can track and making sales data. URL is to keep a track of all traffic to websites and sales you are making via your website or other techniques like Blog and all. Many online companies who

Importance and Benefits of Google Adwords Advertising By MITUL PALAN

Google Adwords Adwords is the system, which is provided by Google for marketing of your product and services on Google search engines and its affiliate sites. Google Adwords run the text ads, and it appears when people search using Keywords. How Google Adwords work ? Google Adwords runs the ads on the basis of bidding systems, If you keep bidding amount high then your ad will appear on the top of search engine result page. Adwords works PPC( pay per click) that means you only pay the amount, you have bid if someone taps on your ad as a result of web search. Why to use Google Adwords ? Most of the people always ask, why we should use Google Adwords for advertising. Google Adwords behave differently to traffic that comes from Google Adwords or PPC. The traffic that comes from through surfing, they usually look for the information, and the traffic which comes from Google Adwords, they are genuine because they are looking for product or service, which we are offering. The

Important things in Digital Marketing By MITUL PALAN

Imortance of Digital Marketing By MITUL PALAN MITUL PALAN Important things in Digital Marketing : Innovation needs to be part of our culture, Consumers are so fast nowadays if you don’t catch up then you will be in trouble. Now, Digital marketing is cake(hot), it is booming industry that is running so fast. If you don’t follow the track then you might lose something. It’s a booming industry in which you need to work with analytical part of the site. One has to apply for SEO, SMO and CRO strategy as per the need for the projects. What is Digital Promotions and Marketing? Digital Promotions is basically, Marketing of your product or service through a device called Mobile, Computers, tablet and various other devices. And the Platforms it makes use of are apps, Websites, email, social network and so on. What is Marketing? It is the process by where we need to communicate the significance of product and services to the end user in such way that he should buy our produc