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Why Do You Need Inbound Call Center Services?

If you think that your company needs to improve its productivity, efficiency, as well as profits, it is important to hire the services of an inbound call center. But will the investment you make worth it? Actually, there are many small and new businesses that attribute their successes to the inbound customer care executives. It might not be possible for the in-house professionals to take care of all the needs of the customers of the company. That is the reason why it is beneficial to co-source to the professionals who can. With inbound call center executives by your side, you can achieve a lot…

Make a positive impression

Mitul Palan, founder of Brainworks Private Limited says that excellent customer service is important for the growth of a business today. The word-of-mouth advertising is strong and a company can get valuable clients through recommendations from the existing ones. Hire virtual assistants if you want to make the customers impressed with the quality of service of the comp…

Virtual Assistants : Extra Hands behind a Business

If your company is a startup or a small business, you must be desperately looking for extra hands. Those few employees you have hired are not enough to manage everything. You must be wishing if you’d had a few more people in your company who would take sales calls or manage the order supplies that is running low. But you may not be in a position where you could afford to hire a few more people or may not be able to create space for any more people in the office space you have rented. Mitul Palan, founder of Brainworks Solutions Private Limited, a BPO organization in Mumbai, suggests that while you concentrate on the core pursuits of the company, leave the other things to the outsourced virtual assistants.

Who are virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants are professionals who work independently for your company from a remote location. An assistant could be helping to make sales calls for several companies like yours. Most of the time, such a professional, works from his/her own office. W…

Mitul Palan (Mumbai) - Importance of Digital marketing by MITUL PALAN

Why Digital marketing is so important by Mitul Palan:

Why Digital Marketing is so important in today's era?
Hi, guys this is Mitul Palan and I am going to tell you why digital marketing is Marketing is important for small scale or large scale business. If you see in digital Arena where business and commerce are heading. Digital Marketing is a tool which provides business owners the best chance to two his/her own business.

The Following 6 reasons will show you, how to grow your business effectively. Digital marketing levels the online playing field. Digital Marketing provides small and Medium businesses the chance to compete and attract their shares of targeted traffic. Small companies now have the resource to perform sales and marketing process that were previously only to large companies. Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing Small Businesses doesn't have a huge amount of money, they have only very little resource and even capitalization.That is why…