Mitul Palan Blog - Is Your Business Ready to Work With Virtual Assistants?

Though working with virtual assistants has become common now, still there are many entrepreneurs who fear appointing a virtual team for their business. The reasons are varied for different persons, but the most common is handing over access of sensitive information to a person who will be working remotely for your business. Entrusting a person whom you have never met in person can be really difficult. But does it mean you will never work with virtual assistants even when you need them the most? Certainly not! Instead, you can be cautious while working with a virtual team, so that your sensitive business data is not misused in any way. Mitul Palan , a reliable name in the BPO industry has worked for over 17 years in the market and feels that virtual assistants are necessary for any business that wants to grow. Not working with them is not the right solution, rather working with caution is. If you plan to hire a virtual assistant soon, then implement the following ways to secure your

Outsource Secondary Business Chores and In-Source Revenue

Are you looking for a virtual help by your side to take care of your day to day tasks that eat-up a lot of your time and effort? A someone to help you manage your time and schedule things, someone to communicate to your clients, someone to help you get some free time to think of other more important stuff. Hire a Virtual Assistant, says Mitul Palan , a prominent name in the BPO sector as well as the co-founder of Brainworks Private Limited. According to him, getting overworked can lead to unnecessary pressure that ultimately can mess up the entire scenario. So, hiring a virtual assistant is most likely to be a wise decision in this regard. One important thing -   Being an industry expert, what Mitul Palan, Mumbai believes is - just because you’ll find a plethora of options when looking for virtual assistants, it does not mean that each one would be able to live up to your expectations. Therefore, before you hire a service provider, make sure to consider the fol

Compelling Reasons Why You’re Business Needs to Outsource Offshore Marketing Services

Running a business is not an easy task. You constantly remain surrounded by endless tasks that seem to be never-ending. One of the most important department that requires your attention is the offshore marketing one, as you cannot afford to overlook the clients. You have to be present 24*7 for them if you want to foster a long-lasting relationship with them. In this situation, you either end up getting exhausted or hiring employees to build an in-house marketing team. But there is a middle way also that is way more fruitful than the others. Mitul Palan , co-founder of Brainworks Private Limited has worked extensively in the BPO industry and believes it is better to hand over your work to a team of professionals who have years of experience rather than hiring professionals holding only a few years of experience. Whether you run B2B marketing processes or B2C processes, you will require the expertise of professionals who hold years of experience in the relevant field. If you believe ou

Why Do You Need Inbound Call Center Services?

If you think that your company needs to improve its productivity, efficiency, as well as profits, it is important to hire the services of an inbound call center. But will the investment you make worth it? Actually, there are many small and new businesses that attribute their successes to the inbound customer care executives. It might not be possible for the in-house professionals to take care of all the needs of the customers of the company. That is the reason why it is beneficial to co-source to the professionals who can. With inbound call center executives by your side, you can achieve a lot… Make a positive impression Mitul Palan , founder of Brainworks Private Limited says that excellent customer service is important for the growth of a business today. The word-of-mouth advertising is strong and a company can get valuable clients through recommendations from the existing ones. Hire virtual assistants if you want to make the customers impressed with the quality of service of

Virtual Assistants : Extra Hands behind a Business

If your company is a startup or a small business, you must be desperately looking for extra hands. Those few employees you have hired are not enough to manage everything. You must be wishing if you’d had a few more people in your company who would take sales calls or manage the order supplies that is running low. But you may not be in a position where you could afford to hire a few more people or may not be able to create space for any more people in the office space you have rented. Mitul Palan , founder of Brainworks Solutions Private Limited, a BPO organization in Mumbai, suggests that while you concentrate on the core pursuits of the company, leave the other things to the outsourced virtual assistants. Who are virtual assistants? Virtual assistants are professionals who work independently for your company from a remote location. An assistant could be helping to make sales calls for several companies like yours. Most of the time, such a professional, works from his/her own o

SEO Techniques : Article Submission by Mitul Palan

SEO Techniques: Article Submission When we talk about off page optimization in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Here the one point comes in our mind, i.e. Article Submission. Article submission can be one of the most successful in terms of getting traffic to the website. Article, we can write for website as well as blog. It refers to writing article which relates to your online business and getting them added to article submission directories. If you could see, on web there are several website, where we can submit the articles with proper title and into suitable category. The main purpose of submitting an article is to attract more people( and the link) to your website without any incurring a great loss. It is obviously, the article you are submitting should be related to your business. Unauthorized articles will not be good for SEO and it won’t drive traffic to your website or blog. If we talk about the benefits, there are various benefits for article submission including

What is media buying and how it works ?

What is Media Buying ? What is media buying and how it works First step comes into our mind is what is media buying and how we do it. Define In the purpose of advertising, we buy the space on Internet from the company operating media properties is called media buying. When it comes to price, people think of it what will be the cost of Media Buying. Cost is actually depending on how much space, you want for particular advertising, time on which your ads are to be displayed. Geo and other specific feature involve in it. Media buyers are individuals who buy the space and time zone. He will be responsible for his ads are to displayed on the right place on right time. In easy words, we can define media buying like someone has placed the creative on our website, Networks of the websites. The advertisers work for to drive traffic and brand awareness of your product and services. Media Buy Types Direct Site Buy: This is when the single site is bought for advertising. Ne