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Mitul Palan

SEO Techniques: Article Submission

When we talk about off page optimization in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Here the one point comes in our mind, i.e. Article Submission. Article submission can be one of the most successful in terms of getting traffic to the website. Article, we can write for website as well as blog. It refers to writing article which relates to your online business and getting them added to article submission directories. If you could see, on web there are several website, where we can submit the articles with proper title and into suitable category.
The main purpose of submitting an article is to attract more people( and the link) to your website without any incurring a great loss. It is obviously, the article you are submitting should be related to your business. Unauthorized articles will not be good for SEO and it won’t drive traffic to your website or blog.
If we talk about the benefits, there are various benefits for article submission including advertising, marketing and publicity of brand on world wide web. Most and important benefits of article are below.
  • Article submission may increase the branding as well as online business on search engine result page. It can increase the quantity of backlink and high Page rank.
  • Another benefit of article submission offers is that establishing the particular website owner as an expert in their in industry. By providing valuable information within the articles, it builds the trust of potential customer by giving them a reason to visit our website.
  • 7 key points, always take into consideration while writing an articles

    Article should be original and information reach:

    When you are writing an article, please make sure it should be unique and tells about your business only. Sometimes, what happens is directories blog the article and they don’t post your article on website due to some privacy policy and guidelines.

    Article should be keyword reach but not excessive keywords, otherwise, it will be considered as keyword stuffing.

    When ever you are writing an article, keep in mind your article should have keywords related to your business and it helps in optimization of ranking in Google search engine result page.

    The length of articles:

    The average length of your article should be between 500 and 700. Some website allow 200-300 words but not all the websites allow to 200-300 words. So, be specifically enter 500-700 words in each article. If, article has 1000 words, that would be better for us to get ranked immediately.

    Give a unique title to your article with the main keyword into it:

    The best part of article submission is to make your title unique with main keywords of your website. So, that Web crawler can identify and classify topic if your article.

    Give subheading:

    making subheadings, bullet, and pointers in your article will help the readers to understand what is content all about. It should be presentable and easy to read for potential customers.

    Link to other web pages on your website from within your article:

    Interlinking in the website is easier for the web crawler to go to different pages and index them all. This is the way, even If they missed out a few pages through your sitemap or through navigation bar they can go to those pages. Use the phrases in your keyword, this way you can increase the relevance of your keywords.
    Interlinking makes it easier for the search engine crawlers to go to different pages and index them. This way even if they missed out a few pages through your sitemap or through navigation bar they can still go to those pages. Use phrases consisting of your keywords for the hyperlink text this way you increase the relevance of your keywords.

    Use bullets to organize your thoughts:

    just like heading and subheading, When you organize your points in bullets, It will easily and automatically passed through web crawler. If keywords appear in the point, then search engine Google algorithm takes them seriously provide the ranking to your website for those keywords


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