What is media buying and how it works ?

Mitul Palan
What is Media Buying ?

What is media buying and how it works

First step comes into our mind is what is media buying and how we do it.


In the purpose of advertising, we buy the space on Internet from the company operating media properties is called media buying. When it comes to price, people think of it what will be the cost of Media Buying. Cost is actually depending on how much space, you want for particular advertising, time on which your ads are to be displayed. Geo and other specific feature involve in it.
Media buyers are individuals who buy the space and time zone. He will be responsible for his ads are to displayed on the right place on right time. In easy words, we can define media buying like someone has placed the creative on our website, Networks of the websites. The advertisers work for to drive traffic and brand awareness of your product and services.

Media Buy Types

  • Direct Site Buy: This is when the single site is bought for advertising.
  • Network Busy: As the name says, In this the network of site bought on which ads will throw impressions., Eg. Companies like tribal or value click, they run these kinds of ads.
  • Self-serve network Buy – This media buying provides you with means to manage your own account allow you to come and go as you please.

Process of media Buying

Identify Your Target

Somehow, if you have decided to buy the ads space. Please make sure before buying the ads space, you need to know about your target market, to do so this, create a profile with questions like this.
  • Who are you trying to reach ?
  • Who is your target market ?
  • What is their age ?
  • Male of Female
  • ncome etc.

know your target

Once you have identified your target market, It’s time to do some research. That means you need to understand the consumer behavior to whom, you are going to target. You can do own research which is called primary research, or you can do secondary research that’s already been done which are cost effective.
Knowing your target is very important before you start, as it helps to catch exact user, which are beneficial for your business. This also helps in placing media buy that is effective and performs by achieving your identified objectives. All of these can be done by the research. Research also helps you to understand, what your competitors are doing, where they are going to reach the audience you are trying to reach.

Fix Your Objectives

When you are done with the research, the next step would be to take care of your objectives so that you get to know how much success was achieving in your target. Depending upon the campaign goal is set up , like sign-ups, awareness and leads.

Planning & Strategies

What can be done after the research and identifying the target audience, have set the objectives – Its now about planning and making some perfect strategies to obtain the result in budget and in time.


Now you have set up your plan strategies in hand, It’s time to work. You first would be contact your media outlets you have identified and start negotiating your media buy rates. While having conversation about contract, Please make sure to include bonuses and add ons, they are providing to you, if you choose to join them. With all of these, please keep an eye on budget , your calender and , most importantly keep the track on important deadline.


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