Outsource Secondary Business Chores and In-Source Revenue

Are you looking for a virtual help by your side to take care of your day to day tasks that eat-up a lot of your time and effort? A someone to help you manage your time and schedule things, someone to communicate to your clients, someone to help you get some free time to think of other more important stuff. Hire a Virtual Assistant, says Mitul Palan, a prominent name in the BPO sector as well as the co-founder of Brainworks Private Limited. According to him, getting overworked can lead to unnecessary pressure that ultimately can mess up the entire scenario. So, hiring a virtual assistant is most likely to be a wise decision in this regard.

One important thing -  Being an industry expert, what Mitul Palan, Mumbai believes is - just because you’ll find a plethora of options when looking for virtual assistants, it does not mean that each one would be able to live up to your expectations. Therefore, before you hire a service provider, make sure to consider the following pointers –

Are you ready to hire a virtual assistant?

When you know what you actually need, you search becomes easy and informed, right? Apply this same logic when looking for a virtual assistant as virtual assistance is a huge field where service providers offer a wide range of services and charge accordingly. So, when you know what skills you need in a virtual assistant to help you with your business tasks, you are most likely to find a suitable candidate or a team of experts, says Mitul Palan. Also, until and unless, you are ready and made up your mind that you need a virtual assistant by your side, it’s better not to go that way.

Have you done a thorough evaluation? 

According to Mitul Palan Mumbai, a thorough evaluation is a must before you hire a candidate or a team of virtual assistants. This will help you ensure that he or she or the team has the right qualifications and can be trusted. If you ignore this pointer, you are less likely to find the right one to assist you with your needs.

Will you train them? 

A virtual assistant might have years of experience in delivering high-quality projects. However, your needs might be different from his or her forte. Therefore, you should be ready to offer training to the potential candidates to help them understand your business needs and work accordingly. If you don’t let them know what and how do you want a task to be, you won’t be able to get good work.

Are you communicating well?

Communication and keeping a track of things is very crucial when you outsource, a good advice from an Industry expert like Mitul Palan. Communicate to your virtual assistants every day. Verbal communication is the most preferred one, although email and other messengers are also pretty good. It will help you keep an eye on what’s going on and how they are working on a given project.

These are few most important questions that you need to consider asking when hiring virtual assistants. According to Mitul Palan, Mumbai, when you outsource your company tasks, you actually in-source of peace of mind and time that you can use according to your needs and concentrate on something of higher importance.


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